Hosting Advice Needed


How much bandwidth does a GMod server use? My connection is 90mbps, how many servers could I host with that?

Obviously I would prefer a dedi box, but OVH, SYS etc, require 18+ and id verification, and I’m 15

Thanks, Dino

At 65 players we only use about 8MB/s :slight_smile:

Also OVH is crap, not because of the technology and price, that’s not to bad, but there network is pants. And everybody uses it so you blend with a large majority of other generic GMoD servers.

We were offered £44 for a 32gb, 1gbps bandwidth, 4 core 3.4ghz processer server. Is that a good deal? The network seems good enough?

If there is an option of keeping the server far away from us, Il take it XD

Sure, that’s a nice server. If you’re looking to spend less you can get a $7 (~£5) /month VPS from Afterburst (available in US and Germany) which will suit you just fine for a single Garry’s Mod server.

Seems like you’re looking for a good host to use, this is quite easy since I’ve used well over 12 different hosts trying to find the right one for my players and myself.
I’ve found that this host <-- that’s a link, is the best by far. If you want to see the layout first I’m sure I can provide some screenshots or you can just get the initial $10 host to try it for yourself!

DDoS protection to the max at this host, I’ve tried to DDoS myself and had others try and fail. Best by far.

Way to be an ass. Also a good way to get yourself terminated.

just because a host says they have ddos protection doesn’t give you an invitation to attack them “just to test”, could cause problems for the host, other clients, networks upstream… and it’s still illegal/definitely against ToS

Thank for the mention but please don’t attack your own servers even if you are sure that it won’t do anything. I would honestly prefer that nobody does any sort of self testing but we don’t live in a perfect world.

We already handle hundreds of DDoS attacks per day towards us for hosting some of the top servers, so your little self testing isn’t that much of a taboo. Nonetheless though, it’s still a big legal / liability issue for all the parties involved including myself (upstream providers, routers, etc).

Thanks for understanding.

Damn man that’s a dick move. Attacking your own server just puts stress on other parties. Not cool

Okay, I see where I messed up in my post.

Just to clarify, I was not attacking the main servers @smt, I was checking my own server though I bought. It was a brief test, no longer than two minutes.

As for the feedback that got, I simply won’t do it again, as there is no need. GMCHosting is the best by far and I am not just talking about the DDoS protection. Their servers provide a great connection for me and all of my players. They are very stable. Customer support is the best I’ve seen from any business in quite some time, and their dashboard is just amazing IMO. Just go check it out, you’ll see what I mean!
GMCHosting Link

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Not even pretending to not be a walking advertisement lol

he’s gotta milk that ref link

Well, interesting hearing that from you but yep

that you bought through them? they’re still hosting it and it’s still a problem for them when you do it, protection or otherwise