Hosting - been awhile...

Hey I’m just recently coming back to gmod after a long span of time and I missed the part where workshop became heavily integrated. Do large popular mods still use svn? like phx and wire?
Ah let me simplify this list of questions:

  1. svn or workshop? have they weeded out etc?
  2. Where are all the top notch sandbox bare necessity addons? Any new sites?
  3. What addons do you recommend for a build/fts server?
  4. Does FTS still exist or is there a new name for fight to survive servers?
  5. What are the best and most current Administration mods? [If they’re also packaged with a similar (^) gamemode, awesome!]

If you could catch me up on some of the recent gmod activity, popular addons, etc that would be much appreciated :smiley: Thank you very much!

ULX, ULib, WireMod use SVN.
And ULX is the best Admin Mod I think for Gmod.

  1. SVN if it is available, Workshop if it is not. Try using gits aswell.
  2. I’m guessing you are talking about
  3. Addons for a FTS server aren’t really needed. For build, wiremod.
  4. FTS still exists.
  5. Try and find a coder to develop an admin mod for you. It would probably cost, but it’ll be worth it.