Hosting "Box"?

I know some possible ways to host a server

-dedicated from your PC.

-Sites that offer hosting slots.

But what is a “Box” someone hosts on?

What is this “Box” they are talking about?
Where to buy?
Worth it?

Refers to a dedicated server which is usually in a datacenter.

A server box is basically a physical server that you either run from home or ship to a datacentre. It’s exactly like a PC albeit no graphics card etc and basically cuts out the standard desktop stuff. Regarding price it’s never good to buy one of these straight up (unless it’s on specific networks) and can cost anywhere from $800 - $10000, although it all depends what you’re after. If you were to get a box you’d look to spend no more than $1500.

It’s worth it if you intend to have more than 2-3 large servers. You can also run other things off it (eg websites).


[li]It can be more cost effective if you plan on having a large community / multiple servers[/li][li]You can install as many servers as you want.[/li][li]Can do what you like with the machine[/li][/ul]


[li]You have to know what you’re doing[/li][li]If you ship it to a data centre, don’t expect to be able to ask them for help regarding gameservers. As far as they’re mostly concerned the box is where their support lies, nothing else.[/li][li]You’re responsible for all security updates[/li][li]Can require a large cash injection to get started with[/li][/list]

Rofl, May I ask what you own? I know you have a box but did you pay for it? How much? What datacenter is yours?

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Thanks for all the info I now understand this a lot better.