Hosting Capped Upload?

Recently I upgraded my internet to 2 MBPS Upload. I figured that when I now host, I could host in Garry’s Mod and sufficiently keep a stable server. The other day I hosted a custom map and a gamemode that didn’t recquire much to download. Less than 50 files. However, when I hosted people were joining but took forever to join. For some it took so long, they quit.

Does Garry’s Mod cap how much you upload to other players? If so, how can I change this?

Nah. They probably had the glitch where they get stuck on retrieving server info. The only cure for that is a restart.

Why dont you try a fastdl service so when people join they get the files from an external server so your home upload isnt used as much and people can join faster.

I think its capped at 16KB/s to 19KB/s while fast dl i normally limited by the persons download.

Garrysmod caps all download speeds at 20kb/s. You need to use a fastdownload service for them to reach greater speeds.

Ah I was close.

Could you name me some of these fast download services?

Any webhost that allows you to host files.