Hosting Cowboys and Indians 8pm Central Standard Time!

Tonight we will be hosting a Cowboys vs. Indians event on our server. Everyone is welcome to join.

Here’s the premise: The Cowboy team will be heavily outnumbered. They will have Leather armor, a bolt action, a revolver, 24 9mm bullets, 9 556 bullets, and 3 small medkits. The Indian team will only have what they get from their /starter command… A stone hatchet, some bandages, a hunting bow, and some arrows.

The battle will be taking place at Civilian Hangar, in a fenced-in area. Once you die, you are out!

The winning team will be rewarded with a Bolt Action, 50 Wood Planks, and 50 Low-Quality Metal. Rewards will be distributed once you are safely back home.

Feel free to jump on the server and start work on a small base before the event starts. We’ll be getting everything setup in about 3 hours (7:30 pm Central time is when calls will go out to see who is participating).


lol americans completely covered in pads playing hand-egg

Bamp for exposure.

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Ready. Set. Bump.

Event was great, thanks to everyone who attended!