Hosting FastDL on a Windows server

Does anyone have software that allows me to host my FastDL files from a windows server (Windows Server 2008 R2) ? Currently i am using HFS, which is nice and all, but my players frequently get download errors, especially with large files.

I’ve searched around for a similar program to HFS but found no results, and I have tried messing with HFS settings with no success. Does anyone else here host FastDL from a windows server?

An example error:

HTTP ERROR downloading


sv_downloadurl ""

you need an apache server running, and webspaces/sites use port 80 not 3001. If you continue having issues try xampp (though its shit)

Although IIS is considered shit, it comes as standard with 2008 R2, and it WILL do what you want it to ( as long as you setup MIME types for bz2 etc (application/octet-stream) )

I was using 3001 because i have a teamspeak server linked to a subdomain, and when you put that subdomain into your browser it redirected to the fastdl :S

but thanks for all the help guys! I’ll try all these in the morning

Here’s how to setup FastDL:

If you want something to resource.AddFile automatically for you:

Hopefully these help.

Thanks acecool, I understand the format of fastDL and how it works, I was just looking for software that allows it to happen smoothly. I think I’ll just use SourceRSC to sync my files with my webhosting.

Update, SourceRSC works perfectly, thanks meharryp :slight_smile: