Hosting Game servers + Forum with VPN?

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Okay, so I see community’s hosting a bunch of servers and you can connect like so “”. How do people do this? Do they like install gmod files in a sub domain? Lol

Now I shall ask… What VPS host would you recommend that isn’t to expencive and would be able to host multiple 20 slot gmod servers and a forum(using vbulletin) .

If anyone cares, I currently use for my VPS. (Currently only hosts forums, and some pages)

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To host a 20 slot server you should be absolutely fine with a 2-core VPS running at least somewhere aroung 3 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM (2 GB won’t hurt).

As for the domain, I think you have a wrong view on what a domain is. It’s a “nickname” for an IP. A subdomain is used in websites to separate parts of a website, but there are plenty of different types.

Some servers have their Teamspeak running at port 9274, which isn’t the default port, and using an SRV-Records in their DNS they can redirect people who try to connect to to The most common type you see is the A-record though.

If you have a dedicated server with multiple servers running on it, you can set up an A-record that points to the IP of your dedicated server. i.e. will point to The server that runs on port 27015 will not need a port behind, but the servers running at any other port will. That’ll result in, etc. Garry’s Mod nor any other Source game support the SRV-records so the only solution for your problem would be having separate IPs for every server. This meaning, if you want to host 4 servers and allowed people to join them, you need to have 4 different IPs where all the servers can run at port 27015 and to add up to that you need 4 A-records in your DNS pointing to the 4 different IPs. This way you can have,,, etc.

I hope that answers your question?

As for VPS host, there are plenty of hosts you could go with. For a non-game VPS I’d gladly recommend DigitalOcean. You pay per hour you use the server, you can cancel at any time and your VPS is online within 50 seconds.
If you want to run game servers, however, then I’m afraid I’m not too familiar with the choice of hosts you can pick so I can’t make a valid recommendation based on price/performance. For all I know, NFOservers might not be the cheapest, but their service is probably the best one around and they have a strong server backbone. It’ll be hard for a kid to take your server down with a simple booter.

OVH Cloud VPS. I use them myself and they’re great, and you pay monthly not per hour (which I’m not a fan of, I like to know how much of my money is allocated and where)

Like it matters when you pay. My VPS at DigitalOcean costs me $5 and $10 a month (I have two). But that means it costs me a certain amount of money a hour. I can cancel my VPS at any given hour and I won’t have to pay for what is left of the month. I still pay my bills once a month but at least I have the freedom of canceling / upgrading my service at ANY GIVEN MOMENT without wasting a single $0.01.