Hosting servers with an OVH VPS?

I’m looking to host some Garry’s Mod servers and a lot of people have been saying “don’t waste money on a dedicated server when a VPS can run just as well”.

So I was looking at OVH, mainly for the DDOS Protection, but was wondering if this would be a ‘good’ idea.

The VPS I was looking at;

CPU guaranteed 2 vCores
RAM guaranteed 2 GB
Hard drive 25 GB Raid 10
Bandwidth 100 Mbps

Also, I seen they have ‘classic’ and ‘cloud’ servers but you can’t set OS on Classic servers etc.
Would it be ideal to host GMod servers on a ‘cloud’ VPS?

Anyone had experience hosting their servers on OVH VPS?

if i can host a 10 slot sandbox server off of a free 128mb ram, 1 core vps then pretty much anything on OVH should be fine, that vps will be plenty, enough for a handful of servers probably, if you’re only looking for one gmod server 256-512mb of ram should be plenty, cpu depends mainly on speed and architecture over number of cores i think (and most vps places sell by the core)

VPS’s are good becuase you can decide how many players you want and all the setting and you don’t have to pay extra.

I dunno too much about OVH for codes but I know their dedicated boxes are amazing so they can’t be too bad. I’m use NFO for my VPS though and all I can say is that it runs beautifully.

OVH is actually really good protection wise (ddos), And im almost certian you can host off them.
It would be a better idea to find a reseller, it’ll be ways cheaper.

So I decided to go ahead and place an order with OVH - I now have to verify myself.

If you’re after a server quickly, OVH isn’t the place to be… Apparently can take up to a week for the verification.

Just sent proof of identity and server is being deployed shortly.
I guess some people just have to wait longer than others?

Took me roughly 2-3 days from payment to receiving login details to get mine setup

I wouldn’t run gmod off a VPS unless you know the clock speeds of the cores. You want atleast 3GHZ. Stalker is fine on NFO as NFO states what you would get per core at a minimum. But from experience there arn’t many good high clock speed VPS hosts out there.

that really isn’t how processors work

Gmod is single threaded. It’s a one core process. Ideally you want a high clock speed. This is why “good” GSP’s are using I7’s or Xeons clocked at 3Ghz or higher.

I use a dedi… it out performs all “Hosted” servers.

your inclusion of “i wouldn’t run gmod off a vps” is redundant then, good virtualization on a good host with good cpu architecture (high end i7/xeon) is plenty (core speed after a certain point really doesn’t give much of a benefit to most things - i doubt any place is overclocking their cores in server spec machines anyway…), obviously a dedicated server would out perform anything else too… it also costs like 6/7x as much

I don’t think you understand how virtualisation works on a lower level, especially in the way VPSs are run.

You can be assigned a dual core on a VPS with many cores, but you are still sharing cpu time with other people on these cores, depending on how many guests the hosting provider puts on the machine.
You might not see it, but it happens; for the clever folks, a side effect of an overloaded virtual host is that the guests will suffer from time drift. (brief explanation here )

So now, not only is gmod only running on a single core because it is not multi-threaded, you might be sharing this core with other people even if you don’t know it, hence performance suffers mysteriously.

I don’t know why anyone would want a VPS over just buying slots or even a dedi when vps performance can vary so much depending on how the host decides to load the machines.

VPSs are not really ideal for server loads that are constantly high, they’re more suited for idle loads with occasional burst performance so that you can stick more guests in each machine to save power/money.


for all intents and purposes of a gmod server a kvm or xen vps with a high end cpu would and does work fine, you guys must be using terrible hosts or something, and people might want a VPS because it is cheaper than a dedi and gives more control and usage than a GSP, regardless of a slight performance drop the benefits of being cheaper yet flexible are quite large

That depends entirely on how the host loads the box, they could be putting 30 people on that box for all you know. Sure, it’ll be great if you were the only one on it, but you have no way to find out what the performance is going to be like until you try it.


That’s the exact same thing that happens with GSP’s so I don’t really see what point you’re making.

Not really, a GSP knows what’s going on the box and what load to expect.
If you lag from a GSP, then it’s a shit GSP.

The same applies to VPSes though, a good host who’s trustworthy would probably not oversell and you’d get decent performance

Good luck finding that host tbh, it’s much more cost effective to stick 50 websites on a box than 5 game servers on a box.

You’re more likely to be kicked off your host for using too much cpu or something.

At the end of the day, you’re going to get what you pay for.

well i’ve never had trouble running 2-3 servers & a LEMP stack from various vps providers, servers were always fine with cpu