hosting suggestion

i have a gmod server with these good performance no lagg and a nice price too! :smiley:

Im happy with the service they provide, still i get the impression i can get better judging by the negative ratings, can anyone suggest a provider?

Go with UKGame. You would fit right in.

what is that supposed to mean?

IIRC UKGame was the company that basically told a client that because the box was getting DoSed, it was the clients responsibility to stop the attack on their game server them selves or something. Correct me if I’m wrong

i guess ill just look around, thanks for the heads up.

serverffs maybe

I think you would fit right in with them.

I have hosted with Xenon and this. Have to say [BB] wins :stuck_out_tongue:



Failed AcedServers.

affiliates, my first post is an affiliate link, they pay you for sign ups tho not for visitors