Hot day in Havana

Sir! that is one well posed bottle!

y, it took at least 2 hours to pose it!

A bit generic, It did not need it’s own thread on this yarn ball.

Actually, I think the editing looks real nice.

All I want to say is, that the bottle’s posing is EXTREMELY REALISTIC. Just look at it…-Jealous- Wish I could pose like that -Sad-

I thought it was a real picture. Damn, that’s awesome! More atmospheric picture I demand.

nice shadows

Communism has never looked so good

Great posing on the bottle.

revenge of the offscreeners: the reckoning


Looks like we should see zombies too!

what a nice atmosphere!

That chair has better posing than that bottle.

DAMN! I didn’t notice the chair! HOW COULD I?! Damn, but yeah, it looks even greater when I see the chair now sir!

Nice atmosphere.

Nice picture and editing. The car on the left side ruined that picture especially with that lighting.

Somehow reminds me of Driver 2. Also that lighting on the car! :psypop:Otherwise i’d say this picture looks great.

Needs more Clint Eastwood.