Hot fix this!

Since the last multitude of updates being rolled out over the past few days I have seen more and more issues creeping up in the game.

F1 Grenades:
Do no damage to any parts of a base, animals, players, self or sleepers.

Beancan Grenades:
Same as the above.

Same as the above.

Does damage the above but I have seen instances where the timer counts down then nothing happens like its a dud.

Currently for me and several others they are useless when it comes down to helping with the cold or giving your player comfort.

Building cupboards:
I don’t know what the actual issue is, could be related to plugins but I have seen players bypass the building blocked messages when using blocks.

For some reason I can be somewhere dry or in my base or near a fire and my wetness bar will steadily climb. I’m, not near the water, its not raining and I’m not in the snow so what the hell.

Save bug / Building wipes:
Several servers have had this issue, many people are worried to do a restart in case there maps are wiped. I’ve only seen this happen to a few servers but it is still worrying.

You call that a nerf?

Why don’t you go back to derpy mc derp board and get these issues fixed please. At the moment these small patches and hotfixes are as useless as a chocolate fire-guard.

i fired 10 rockets at a stone wall and it was still there…

if you place a cupboard in 1st level or higher the blocking range is broken/too small

Can’t believe I started a rust server just before this mess of an update.

The “Save bug / Building wipes” have been the worst to piss of players losing there stuff.

-Bow nerf is fine. People just like to overreact.

-Can’t reproduce the same issues you have with a Tool Cupboard. For me if it’s blocked, it’s blocked.

-Save bug hasn’t been happening on my server for 2 days. If that still happens on some servers then they don’t have their shit correctly configured.
(Edit to clarify: My server.cfg loads fine, map loads and saves fine)

-There are also reports of people being able to build foundations through foundations. (But that could also be caused by a plugin.)

All else I agree with and is still an issue.

Can add missing loot crates aswel

map file has probably gone to shit now