Hot pursuit (edit needed)


Too small

What with the running guy on the left?

Fixed (i forgot to uncheck resize image while uploading)

I recommend you use dropbox, imageshack is horrible

lol how is leaning out of the window when it’s up?

cops with desert eagles

what the fuck

Exactly, :wtc:
I mean, even in the GTA series, cops have Glocks or other 9mm pistols.

Well, the guy in the back of the car is obviously a terrorist, so the cops are actually mossad agents dressed up as cops and carrying desert eagles.

Well, I’m sure the New York Police Department can handle terrorists too.

Why not? :smiley:

I don’t found a cop car with no glass :frowning:

Expecting supercar chase when I saw the title.

He’s late for work.


It’s the matrix dude!

life in america

You know this pic concept and prop positioning is good, the only two things missing are a bit of a better zoomed in angle, and an edit.

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You’ve gotta walk back with the camera and zoom in to get a better angle btw, editing this one’s not gonna make it super good. A little better camera zoom is needed to make this work well. Try googling “field of view” to get what i’m saying

My pc is dead ( :’-( ) so i can’t do anything

(i’m at school, in my smartphone with a shit wifi connection from the school)


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Sorry, but this is terrible.

Well atleast he but some effort in it, here you go: