Hot Reception


I can see she’s taken up the Japanese heavy armor

RIP brand new headphones…

11/02/11 - 11/12/11

Soldier1:“Hit the deck!”
Soldier2:“Dam right I’m gonna hit that deck.”

im really liking the lighting on the girl but the shoulder is a huge turn off
god i love making puns

I Spy with my little eye MW3 SAS.

Dat shoulder.

Right folks, the shoulder looks broken. In my excuse I’d like to say, that it was pretty hard to pay attention to it. I mean, there were some other… important parts of the… damn. Of the picture. Yep.

Elbows too pointy would not shoot

Good work, i like the posing. Is the laser sights edited?

Source of the female model?

for posing purposes.

Yes, they are.

Well, it really well made! Good work.