Hot Rod Mk.II and a new engine design

I hate phx gears and shit, so I invented this little fucker. it uses transverse crankshafts with inline pistons so that a differential doesn’t have to be used, therefore no power is lost. I put this engine in my hottem rodde and pure awesome commenced

engine proto:


it loves high rpm and spins the wheels (of which i had to add trailing axles just to get the power to the ground)

Looks torque’y as fuck. Naice.

could you do an engine tutorial for those that have absolutely no idea how to make one? :v:

The engine design is great, but the car itself looks horribly unstable at speeds above 20whatever per hour

Maybe the engine should be a bit more efficient? More speed for less jerky pistons yanking the car up and down, moving a bit slower, allowing for a smoother, more easily controlled ride.

Just my 2 cents.

Its a cool idea, and is very cool frozen but it looks too unstable unfrozen for my liking.

From my experience with engine building, simplicty is key, cut as many moving parts as you can.

you can see how little my engine actually has (1 Cam, 8 thrusters), really improves stability and top speed. (I have an even simpler design, but it is still secret :-p)

btw not trying to hi-jack, trying to start an engine discussion because apart from Karbine nobody seems to make em anymore (apart from fools making Zeo’s fail engine)

Though saying all that, I like how urs looks kinda like a real engine where mine are like abstract weird looking thing ma bobs

Engine discussion sounds great, more people should be into this kind of stuff. I agree that simplicity is definitely a major factor in the stability of the engine, but looking at Karbine’s recent engines, I think a key contributor to those vibrations seen in the vehicle is the movement of the pistons rotationally. If you look closely, the piston rotates slightly and erratically, causing the thruster to offset the thrust in different directions. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as you could just offset the imbalance with a counter-rotating piston, but it seems that there is no control over this movement.

Another thing I find helps in engine stability is counterbalancing the thrusters on the pistons with stationary ones of same or more force in the opposite direction, but I don’t really know how to work that with slapper engines, so that kills easily 80% of good working engines out there already. Any thoughts?

i don’t care if it’s vibratey, my engines are all complex and shit but still work. they’re fun to use. i could just use right click axis swinging pistons, but that’s boring.

Torque, torque everywhere

ah don’t get me wrong I love the engine- when the car was sitting there reving I jizzed but it was just dissapointing once it got going.

powering vehicles is rather difficult

I see that your pistons push both up and down when trying to move your vehicle. Maybe you should cut out the upward thrusting so that the engine is pushing your car down so it can get more traction.

This thing is fucking awesome. I understand some prefer the more reliable/efficient method but IMO if you want that then why are you making an engine? Just use applyforce.

This stuff is badass because it looks like its trying tear itself out of the car with shear awesome.

This please. Not this engine specifically but just generally how gmod engines work and maybe some common ones that people make.

Try gearing it down for more control ad less wheel spin.

Im to stupid and lazy to figure it out my self. (no joke)

Edit: I forgot to say, I like your prop usage and materials there Amplar!

the problem with this engine is that the pistons angle side to side, not in the direction that the crankshaft is turning. because of this, this engine generates very little low end torque and doesn’t like low rpm starts. however, it generates a fuckton of power at high rpm. i’ve made a few 8 cylinder engines like this, but they fail to properly drive a vehicle without a perfect clutch because they reverse direction.

There are hundreds of engine tutorials people. Just search for them on youtube.

It looks and sounds like a rabid animal stuck under the hood

I don’t know shit about gmod engines but that looks a bit sketchy

it is an animal, but it puts out a metric asston of power


this motor dyno’d makes about 1000hp and 6-7000 ft lbs of torque

Lol, go and make a hydraulic engine. ;<

Keep rocking it. This engine is a BEAST!