Hot Summer

not much going on, but I like it.

Needs more rainbows and tears.

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shut up notis it does

invisible ladder climbing

speaking of summer

Nice picture, although very simple it looks nice.

Make your own goddamn thread, do not hijack other people’s one.

PS : nice picture as usual OP.

aka. clogging the forums

“Hello, I am stupid and decided to post my picture in someone’s thread so I don’t have to create a thread because it is clogging a massive forum all about posting Gmod pictures.”

im not going to argue since i dont want to appear a fag, so im going to stop hijacking other peoples threads.

youre silly :xd:

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“i was told the truth and im going to shut myself out to make myself look innocent and that i misrepresented myself like nukes in iraq”

could use a little something else
also, scout’s face just bothers me