Hot Wire Films Intro Logo thing


I just banged this out in an hour or two, please tell me what needs work or if it sucks major ass. :slight_smile:

Well the good news is that it doesn’t suck major ass, there are a few things that could be improved though:

  • It needs to be a bit shorter, it’s only a logo so make it quick.
  • The font could be a bit more interesting, it just looks a bit bland at the moment.
  • This is just a personal niggle because I’m a car bore but the engine sound is wrong. You have the sound of a subaru flat-six, you want a big V8 sound.
  • Why didn’t you use my Shelby mustang!

Overall though it’s very good.

good job. You should cut off the first 11 seconds off. people don’t want a long intro. But also, you want to incorporate the whole “Hot Wiring a car” type of thing in the beginning , so i suggest that you flip the first part horizontally from 0-11 then skip the part from 11-14 and go on to the flaming tire part.

I could even help you if you want.

I’v cut the flaming spade intro from 20 seconds to 7 - BTW this is on my alt account for stupid shit test videos, not my real Chanel or the real FSF one.

Also, if you are using after effects, use cc force motion blur for added realism.

Lastly, if you can, try to incorporate your logo if you have one, so people will recognize it and remember it.

Take a white background, looks better.

Also make it a bit shorter.

for god sake, why did you miss the chance to call it hot ‘wheel’ entertainment!? would of fitted nicley with the intro.

Thanks for all the comments.

Yeah I forgot to say it isen’t really finished, in the back of my head I was saying how it was too long and such. Chris, I didn’t use your mustang because i’ve used to before alot :stuck_out_tongue:

coolguy, thanks for all of your help. It really is going to be useful. We do have a logo, I don’t know why I didn’t put it in from the start instead of the text. I’ll get on that.

DMGaina…white is boring >:D
darius, We had made the name already, lol.

also, im happy someone has made an intro without useing bloodly adobe after effects, and actully used gmod.

Look at flaming spades as well.

I don’t see what a car crashing and a flaming tire has anything to do with Hot Wire productions.

I didn’t finish it. The beginning your supposed to hear a guy hot wiring a car.