Hotel map from Inception.

Inception for Gmod

Hey everyone. Ive been working on this project for a while and really looking forward to get it done.

I love Christopher Nolan’s Inception and decided to recreate the hotel map from it.

Any contributions from your part would be appreciated. Making a hudge map like this is a titan work.

Some screenies (WIP):



Hiyougami’s corridor map:


**Hotel suit:

My maps portfolio-

Soundtrack from the map:

Thanks :smile:

Pretty sweet, although the first screenshot looks kinda messy for some reason. Ie blurred textures, sprites without a light source?

The screenshot itself is lowq. Sprites on top of the lobby have their lamps, but cant be seen due the big size of sprites. This should be fixed soon.

“Okay, nice shot, now map i-”

I honestly thought that was a shot from the film for a few seconds. Your mapping’s great.

[sp]and i didnt see the word saying screenshot[/sp]

That’s not his map, it’s Hiyougami’s.

Well, Hiyougami did a good job.

Always does.

Very nice. I like the golden Deus-Ex style lighting

So, gold filters on everything?

Damn, the lighting is awesome.

This gets a funny because of how people are going to use this room.

Oh my god I thought this was just a request thread

OP needs to go deeper.

I want this map.

Oh wow, that’s really nice. If only there was a way to do all the fancy wall-walking and whatnot.

Im having troubles telling the difference between it being real and source :v: