Hotel! ( My community building idea)

Imagine a big hotel in rust
Where you can buy 1x1 1x2 or 2x2 rooms along with sleeping bags and storage boxes for 24h for some price. Where you need to be disarmed ( no hatchets and guns,everything lethal is put to the deposit )
Where you are save beacuse bodyguards defends the hotel bravely. And where you can go downstairs to kitchen to eat delicious can of tuna and drink some water. Then go shopping and maybe buy some fashionable leather armor?
Or go to school where you can finally research the ammo for m4? Or maybe go with other people choop some wood or hunt animals to pay for the night? And collect some things for yourself? Or maybe even take duty of a guard in the hotel,shooting bad bandits
and defending poor hungry hobos living in a hotel or just become a chef and cook some delicious meat so people living in hotel would always be happy and fit and make big healthy poo?
Yes dudes that would be great to build a placement like that,of course when wipes will be rarer.

Good luck with all the players that KOS in this game.

Well i think those mohawks arent problem beacuse one blow from the shotgun just shatters them
Bigger danger are griefers with all their grenades etc

Sounds to good for a wasteland :stuck_out_tongue:

What if it is just a hotel that is admin/garry made where it is set to a no PvP/building zone,and you can rent a small room for a certain amount of supplies?

I think with pvp and guards defending it from wasteland scum it would be great,just like the village in Mad Max 2 .

This guy has the best idea threads, I ain’t even kidding.

It would be fun, but impossible at the moment because of trolls. They could just place a ramp and block the entrance.

kill hotel manager > become manager > die

Repeat process :stuck_out_tongue:
btw nic idea

this is a nice idea, probably best waiting till games a bit more solid tho,

i was thinking about trying to get as many people who play the alpha as possible and build some sort of great wall across the map, those with capture cams be at certain spots recording while everyone else builds and gathers supplies,

off course be best to do this as close to a wipe as possible