hotfix to rust

after the last update, i cant join on any server, all servers when loading crash, type, when loading done, i down from the server and show “checksum does not match” … i have windows 32 bits, 2gb, i already try use my peendrive as ram, but not worked… i cant play this game more, fix it developers… 5 days after this update and no hotfix? seriously…

many on this board have had the same issue.

forum mod said that if it’s a big enough problem then they’ll be on it asap.

trust me, i’m as frustrated as u are but the best you can do now is e-mail rust support and let them know about the issue.

if more people complain then they should get around to fixing it (hopefully)

i’m furious with it. Not is all peoples with 32 bit have this problem, type, my friends, can play with 32 bit, but i can’t. Already 5 days after this update, not hotfix to it. they do not care about us. They in no hurry. they will just fix it in the next wipe (Thursday).

FYI I am not a forum mod.

On Facepunch, Gold Members are basically regular users, except we get larger animated avatars and access to a few subforums nobody cares about.

If you were referring to an actual forum mod (green name) or an FP Studios staff member (light blue), I didn’t see them respond, so I’m guessing you mean me.

mendigo, do you expect them to work weekends? And if it’s so easy to fix, why don’t you tell them how? You can’t just expect bugfixes to appear out of nowhere. They have to actually understand the problem and identify what in the code is causing it. In software development, that is not a simple task most of the time. Be patient. You’re playing an alpha game, shit’s gonna break now and then. Nobody promised you 100% reliability.

so, its only will fixed thursday…