Hoth Patrol


Has this stuff been released yet or is it still WIP? Those Hoth rebels look good!

i love everything about this.

Ninja is still working on them, anything else about the pose that’s worth noting other than the models?

lighting is fucking amazing
angle is fucking amazing
everything is fucking amazing

thx g

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I feel like a couldn’t get the lighting perfect but the scene was so huge and lamps stop projecting shadows after like eight lamps and as you can imagine it took more than eight lamps.

And sonofbrims method seems useful but tedious.

Real hoth stuff, yo!

All the hoppers these days, they don’t even remember hoth nigga.

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I guess you could say the Hoth patrol got cold.

You already know what I think cuz you showed me the wip, but as always your lighting makes it 10 times better.

Why is chong rating every post in this thread dumb?

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Is it just because I agree’d with jimmies that the pose you just posted is just completely aping what wanr makes. Like how petty can you be bruz.

At least I actually put effort and thought into the shit I make.

I love the background, too. Fits really well.

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Basically this

added a bonus

I must say I like the second one better.

That’s still great tho.

Having rewatched the original trilogy, this is a really well made picture.

Thank you, I really appreciate these kind comments. Inspires me to do more poses.

I honestly think this is one of your weaker ones. You normally get allot more creative with the lighting, but here it looks like it’s just two lamps. Something about the angle is throwing me off. As you see the guys get smaller and smaller in the distance, it makes it look like you’re using a wide angle lens, and that immediately turns me off. The background also seems to be covered in fog, but in the foreground there’s nothing. It looks really weird. Then some of the posing is spot on while some of it just comes off as awkward to me, but maybe that’s because of the angle. I dunno.

Anyways, models look good and the build looks good, but I’ve seen you do much much better.

You nailed that bonus though.

it’s funny you say that it only looks like two lamps considering it was over 30.

I think this is wonderful, you nailed the light blue shadow with the light/lamp tools very well. By the way, is the mountain in the background underneath the skies potatochopped or is it some kind of a prop?

i really love the bonus. great angle.

That goddamn bonus holy FUCK