HOTLINE MIAMI: FIRST BLOOD (Movie screen preview)

This is a preview of a movie that should come out soon. Enjoy

The guy on the right looks worried about something.

Also there’s a lot of empty black space.

It’s really Meant to be like that. I put blank space to kinda keep the mood. Like if you look at the guy on the right he looks worried, maybe the masked man is hunting for him? (He is but you know)

And I make them look worried so it could be a bit based on the main idea of the movie.

Is there a particular reason why it says “Miami Hotline”? :v:

This preview makes me want to burn things.

If this is anything to go by, I don’t want to see your movie.

he wanted to avoid copyright infringement

should’ve gone with HOTLINE MIANI then

Because last time on youtube when i used a copyrighted name i got a strike… I may change the movie name to Hotline Miami but you never know.