Hotline Miami: Richard and The Biker

(I know the Biker isn’t the best, but he’s more to supplement Richard.)


Thank you so much, I can’t even describe how much I love these!

these are fabulous!

Have 4 masks lined up to add. Will probably do tomorrow.

That masks looks awesome !

Are you going to add the Payn3 pig mask? simkas said it fits with Hotline Miami’s style more


Right now he’s going to have a lot of different masks, in varying styles.

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Oink oink.

Updated with 3 more masks.

Woah! fucking 3d printers are so fucking expensive


I think he wants to make some of the masks in a 3D printer, so they can be wearable.

wow, thank.

You have to do louie (chameleon) and nigel (bat)

Find me masks and I"ll get right on it.

no rooster mask? :c

Jacket’s colors are all wrong and it’s missing it’s “B”

I’m pretty certain Hunter was basing his jacket off of what you see in-game rather than in that picture, although a Biker closer to the one in this image would be pretty cool

Have you even played the game?

The jacket color sheme of the artworks looks better than the one in game imo. The game one looks one of these bright road jackets.