Hotline Miami Russian Mobster models?

Hey all, you’ll have to forgive me for any mistakes I may make since I’ve never posted in this subforum before but

By chance does anyone know if there is any model/models available that look vaguely similar to the Russian Mobsters from Hotline Miami? (white suit, bald heads etc)

Just wondering since I’m trying to make a HM SFM poster and I only need a Russian mobster model, I tried headswapping Nick from L4D2 with a male model from HL2 but the results were abit horrifying to say the least.

The only ones that come to mind are the Payday 2 ones from the DLC, but they lack faceposing (much like every other model in PD2) so it would take a while to get them ported over to Source.

Taggarts suit pack ought to be what your looking for.

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If the exact color scheme isn’t there, it’s easy enough to retexture them.

Those are perfect

Thanks man!

How about the russians from GTA IV? Those work the best IMO. Sadly they haven’t been ported.

Citizen heads suck.

Nicks model is pretty much exact tbh.

None of the russians in GTAIV wear anything similar.

What about these?