Hotline Miami Soundtracks + Masks

If you’ve played any of the Hotline Miami games, you’ll know what I mean when I say the Soundtrack is just epic. Now, wouldn’t it be cool to listen to these while wearing either one of the masks from the game to make killing NPC’s or Players more fun? Well just download this addon, select a mask and enjoy that beautiful music start playing. The soundtracks are random each time and are a mix of both the original games soundtrack, and the sequels. There is a mask overlay, which can be disabled of course with the simple command;
‘hotline_masks_enabled 0’. I selected the best Soundtracks, well, in my opinion the best ones. I tried to keep the size as low as possible and so far there is 1 hour of soundtracks on it. I would assume it works with every gamemode, tested with DarkRP and Sandbox so far.

Now this isn’t supposed to be anything big, just something to do whilst testing weapons or possibly for bored admins. It would make raids or robberies all the more exciting. In the future I hop to add Russian Mobster NextBots. If you don’t know what a NextBot is, its just a very smart NPC that can be coded to do a lot of things. These Russian Mobsters will patrol and attack players in range with melee. Feel free to edit or modify this as much as you want, just decompile it with Gmad or something and make sure to credit the original author.


Props to ‘Salad’ and ‘Splinks’ for the amazing models, which are required for the masks and models.

This addon uses these models:
The addon itself:

Some image previews:

I like the concept of this addon but I have a couple of recommendations for you to make it better.

The mask selection screen is a little bit unappealing to the eyes. I know you’re trying to capture the style of the game, but it might be better to use a more eye-friendly font. You might try this, as it was used in the game and is a little bit more legible. Make sure you change the green and red in the mask selection screen to different colors, try cyan and yellow. You also need to work on the mask overlay because it does not look good in game at all, there’s white borders around everything. Last thing I recommend is that you let the player choose what songs they want to hear. Maybe add something so they can change it on the fly or mute it. The concept of this addon is great and I really like it so far. Good work man! By the way, what baseball bat mod are you using in the screenshots?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah, I agree the mask overlay isn’t the best but disabling it for the time being would be the only solution so far. As for UI, never been the best but yeah, I did try capture the feeling of the game. As for the baseball bat model, I took it from this addon:

For the mask overlay, just blur it. Making it sharp like that is jarring and unrealistic. Blurring also helps with scaling for different resolutions (if it’s scaled up then it’s still blurry, scaled down and it’s still blurry).

Like this but not done in ten seconds:

Do you like coding other addons?

Yeah, I’ll make sure to do that. Really didn’t put any time into the overlay.

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Do I like it? Yeah, I like providing free things for the community. I hate sites such as Scriptfodder that promote paid scripts. I don’t mind big and deserving gamemodes being sold, but when simple 5 minute scripts are sold for £3-5 each, that really grinds my gears.

make them also blend with each other

The thing I like about you is, you have passion when coding, you make things no one else would consider and it works so well.

Oh hey its my map!

I really like the concept of this, i will download it later today.


EDIT: re-uploaded video with better quality

Haha, the update is really interesting. I think making the weapons deal insta-kill damage for you and for the enemies as well + some gore mod will make your gamemode be really great. Anyway, you’re doing an awesome job, well done!~

Its not really a gamemode, more of a entity with extra features. But yeah thanks :slight_smile: