Hotline Tremorton: My Death as a Teenage Robot

Hotline Tremorton
Chapter One: Pick-Me Up


“Good Evenin’ Babe.” “You don’t loook well…”

Jennifer awoke up in a small locker room that smelled of piss and semen. Her arms gripped around her body, a sort of eldritch feeling growling in his mechanical organs. “Ugh my stomach…” She moaned, clasping her body between her two metal hands. Opening her eyes slightly, she looked up.

“Do you like hurting other people?” A man with a panther mask looked down at her. His mask glowing two large bright eyes at her, his face completely silhouetted like a shadow. The night was the only thing behind that mask. His hunched shoulders and unbuttoned shirt, he knew where he was and what he was doing. “You can’t answer the question, the facts speak for themselves.” He tugged on his lapel, the mask’s teeth smiling for him. “I’d kinda like to see the look on your face in a few minutes when everything comes to, when you come to. When the entire world has come to from their dream. From your dream.” Panther smirked, leaning against the wall smugly. “You know, XJ9…That’s your name right? Well, you’ve got that kinda’ face a dude just wants to punch.” Panther rolled his hand about. “You know, that plastic smile, those two innocent eyes, that calm collected and high voice. It all comes together in harmony, especially when I mount you and beat you to death. The feeling is borderline orgasmic.” He shuddered at the sound of the word. The word ‘Mount’ and ‘Orgasmic’ just coming together like Beans and Toast, like any kind of combination duo that would turn a man into jelly. “I’m not going to lie, I am perfectly fine with having you dying. Hell, most of what you are hearing is your fever dream. In reality I am probably talking about my next evil plan, but not now. You are just high right now. A junkie, nothin’ but a fuckin’ junkie and you are going to hell on a one-way trip.”

Jennifer places a hand to her head, “Where’s Tuck? Where’s Brad and Sheldon and ugh…” Jennifer’s entire psyche is fucked, let’s be completely honest? Is she your main protagonist, or is she really as brain-dead as Panther is telling us? You get that kinda feeling where any object that is the colour Cyanic Blue and Cream White turns you debilitated, nauseated and with butterflies in your stomach. You’d rather have malignant tumors all over your scrotum and being disemboweled with a linoleum knife than sit through another episode of her complaining about the life she already fucking has.

A large metal hunk of brain matter slapped down on the floor, a small ectomorphic man with a Dutch accent and a Wolf Mask kicked the brain across like it was a football match at Amsterdam. The brain sliding down one of the lockers, he smirks and looks down at Jennifer. “Vell Vell Vell, what have we here? Ze is een fooking hoer. Glad to see the fucking meisje is finally awake.” This guy was a Cape Man, his face white as snow but he had some Afrikaans in his voice. “How gaan dit, you fooking teef.” Wolf kneeled down, placing out both his index and middle finger at her and smirking underneath his mask.

“Welcome to our volk. I hope you enjoy it, bitch!” He rolled his fingers around into a peace sign.

“The Victory Sign as those limey brits call it. I like to believe ve are the victors here, and you my friend are the loser. Congratulations, you fookin’ sook.” He moved his fingers along his knee, placing his hands together and rubbing them. “Jezus, it’s fookin’ chilly in here. Somebody turn on the fookin’ heat.” Wolf stood up and walked back to the wall.

A button clicked, a hand held a large walkman playing a sound which was reminiscent to Brad’s voice. “Get off of ME! No, please crack please! CRACK Blbh…Blbh…” A large dry blood print lingered from the Walkman. “Hehe, was a good show.” A man walked out of the shadows, tossing the cassette tape player across the room.

Brad’s body was slumped up against the bench, blood splatter all over the floor. Blunt force trauma to the head, his death must’ve been painful. “I beat him to death with this very cassette tape player. Walkman’s can play good tunes while you beat someone to a bloody pulp with them.” The man walked up to the body, tossing Brad’s body over onto his side.

His body slumped down onto the floor, The Man walked around the room and stood infront of Wolf and Panther with a large smirk coming from his mask.

“Welcome to Ohio, Bitch. You’ve been through hell and back. You fucked up our entire plans and organization, but no matter. You killed the riff-raff, we dealth with the real plan. A LOT of work went into this and we are not letting some gynoid bitch stop our plans! I’ve got a perfect solution too. A FINAL SOLUTION.” Bear started to dance about, waving his body over to Jenny and bending down.

“Destruction, on a scale the world hasn’t seen before. Imagine it like the Cluster Prime invasion, except we are not leaving anyone alive. Your entire family is goin’ down the drain with it to. I will have them all dead. Wisteria, Nora, your fucking sisters, GLEN! I’D HAVE THEM ALL FUCKING MURDERED! Their bodies will be hung up on lightposts to demonstrate our power! We will have them lined over trenches and shot! Those bastards you call friends, SHOT! Your Family, SHOT! Misty, SHOT! THAT FUCKING NERD WHO WANTS TO BANG YOU, I’LL BANG HIM WITH MY FUCKING GUN!” Bear would exhale and inhale. “I’ve seen you walk down those fucking streets, thinking you are all so fucking fine with your life. But you ain’t, you complain. I’m going to show you complaining. There’s a white house in the middle of Prussia, a White house in a red square. I’ve been living in films for Russia, a Kino Runner for the DDR. You can become King in the land of the blind.”

“I want this bitch scarred for life, no remorse, no mercy!” Bear raised his hands up victoriously, “I want her to be XJ9 NO MORE! She is a machine now, treat her like one.”

“I want Brad defaced, like a fucking mural! Dutchy, baby. You are up!” Wolf stood up from the wall, walking over to Brad cracking his knuckles.

Bear placed his foot upon Jenny’s face, forcing her to look upon the Dutch man kicking down her fallen friend.

“Take this you son of a bitch!” Dutch constantly kicking Brad, Jennifer forced to watch. “OH MY GOD, BRAD I AM SO SORRY!” Jenny trying to block her hand from the villanous act. Dutch would start to rock his fist in the air. "Entertaining!

“I am absolutely sick!” screamed Jenny. Placing her head away. “Brad, please forgive me. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!”

T"You killed him! You killed Brad, you whore! Congrats motherfucker, you killed him. And he was going to College and become a Dentist and you ruined his chances!" Bear pointed and stared Jenny down. “You are a bastard!” Bear screamed. “Bu-” “NO! FUCK YOU!” Bear walked slowly up to her, kicking her repeatedly in the face.

“NO!” Bear and Panther started to repeatedly kick Jennifer in the face and loins. Panther pistol whipping her in the face. Jennifer slowly blacking out from the beating.

“The Fifty-Two Daughters of the Revolution will turn our gold to chromium.”
“Wake the bitch up.”
“This is so goddamn awkward.”

What the hell did I just read, how does a robot have ovaries??? Whatth eheck man

Is there more backstory to this because it feels like everyone reading just got dropped into a really weird slashfic

I stopped there. Holy shit.

What compelled you to make this, I am very genuinely curious.


Am I missing something?

should i be offended my model was used here

I hated MLAATR growing up, just realized how to make poses on Gmod. 1+1=2.

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Consider it an honor, there’s more to come.
In the words of Dutch: “Dankie M’lady”

You hated a show to the point of putting the main character into a violent sexual assault beating to death scenario. 1+1=you are fucked in the head

i expected better from ireland

Oh boy…:why:

I was forced to grow up watching Mr Meaty and MLAATR, what can you expect?

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I’m part Canadian

You’re a complete lunatic if you think this is an appropriate response, seek help

You are all really thinking this is going to come out as a porno-slasher, trust me this will have a lot of shit to the backstory. And may involve some PPG and Samurai Jack to it if you are lucky.

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Too poor to afford a Shrink.

It’s already a porno slasher if you’re having a robot kicked in sexual organs it doesn’t even have, you’re crazy in the coconut

there’s nothing you could add that can make this better, don’t ruin everything else trying to


I’m a fourteen year old boy who’s growing up with puberty…I have issues, but I put a lot of work into the backstory of this shit.

PPG and Samurai Jack? Epic win dude!

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Lmao what the fuck is going on

I am not having the PPGs raped, they won’t even be seen. I’ll be sure not to fuck over any Renzetti fandoms while I am at it.

“I have issues” shut the fuck up LMAO this is some Linkin Park Evanescence Elfen Lied type shit. Grow up dude

If you’re 14 and already thinking about violent sexual assault leading to death then please seek help, from a counselor or someone you can go to for help.