House "alterations" - destruction times

It might be a good idea to note how long it takes to destroy various bits. I heard 200 hits for a door, but that can’t be right because i’m up to about 500. Does anyone know what it is for stairs?

At the moment, you can ONLY destroy Wooden Barricades and Doors.
Now that we have finally cleared that up, I believe it takes around 200-300 hits non-stop or so. I’m not sure now since I don’t have a reason to break doors.

Nutsack. Ok, thanks for the info.

I thought you could break crates, also, sleeping bags are breakable.

You can break crates, I broke my own yesterday because I didn’t like where I positioned it. Was quite quick too, can’t remember exactly how many hits because I never counted but I can only estimate it was no more 20 hits.

Check the wiki, most of this info is there

I think the rule is that you can destroy objects (top of the crafting menu), but not house parts (bottom of the crafting menu).