house crafting simulator

Hello, do anyone know a program or website where i could simulate a house, base creation. So i could calculate needed material, or it could be automated. Thanks.

p.s. i know it isnt hard to create that kind of simulator but where iam i cant.

There is none as far as I’m concerned, but it’s just as easy to join an empty server and go nuts. Rust house crafting is a stupidly simple concept. No problem :slight_smile:

last i checked it only did wood though.

This might be useful. There is a server i think called [us] rust creative, or something similiar, where if you type /starter you will get free building supplies. There’s a pve and pvp server like this with similiar names.

Hey here are a couple that got suggested when running our Arena building contest
To rotate items, don’t have a material equipped and left click an item you have already placed.
To delete an item, right click an item you have already placed.
To rotate the camera, hold CTRL and move the mouse around.

I personally used rusttools and thought it was great. Its a little limited for now, but I think they are planning an update and it works well enough

Whats wrong with pen an paper? Very easy way to calculate how to build… I even think that empire state building was designed with pen and paper. :eng101:

LOL’ed but iam lazy, and iam having fun doin concept at work between custumer lol

My favorite method.