House designs?

I’m just curious to see what other people have built compared to what I have, and get some inspiration for my future builds. Mine :wink:

Being proud with duped building, well that’s something…

I prefer to have a nice open house, it just looks better.

This was not duped. This building was built when the PvE server first went online. It took a lot of time and dedication, but SirScoots built this on his own. I’m positive.

Zero duping involved in my tower, so piss off.

bahahahahahhahahahahah that tower was built at the time 2 easy dupe methods were around… Yea legit sure and I’m number 1 rust player :smiley:

I’m aware that it’s stupid to start an e-fight on a forum…but I like to give credit where credit is due so seriously…that was done legit and probably the tallest LEGIT tower that existed on the server. I was with SirScoots when he found out about the duping techniques and it was right before the server was wiped. This tower is also the first building to truly test the height/rendering limit of the server.

hey guys, just thought i’d post this

there is a exploit that we’re working on fixing. But if you build houses like this…

because theres no overhang from the walls, you might be safer until the explot is actually fixed.

As a bonus you get a nice little walkway around your house too.

Once the explot is fixed, you could even double enforce the perimeter.

If I duped that tower, it would have taken me a day or less vs the week+ it took, so blow your accusations out your asses Mardoz and Granujo.

I believe you buddy