House disapearing

Has there been a wipe or something because i had a house this morning now it has dissaperaed. I also heard someone saying they had the same problem this morning?

Anyone know whats happpening?


My hut disappeared overnight and all my loot was still there. About 10 mins later my wooden door disappeared even though I had just used it, and my loot was still all there. So either it was a generous griefer or some weird bug.

Probably a bug in the system. I’ve noticed a few objects i’ve placed (like loot bags) have disappeared from places but nothing like walls or doors.

My entire house, from my foundations to my boxes to my sleeping bag, all 2 stories of it, has vanished without a trace. Glad I’m not the only one.

My wall was gone today when I logged in to play today as well?
I built another one really fast to keep from getting looted