house disappeared

has there been a wipe as i was playing like 5 mins ago got killed by hacker twice through a multiple walls so ran back then the whole house has dissappeared along with all the other houses around any info would be great

He could have destroyed them with he weapon he was using, or there was a rollback.

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Sorry for your loss.

For those that are unaware, the actual Rust server is down. Probably due to those damn hackers, I tried to sign in earlier today and couldn’t login and my buddy just told me the servers down, so I’m not quite sure how long its been down. I’m going to assume the house isn’t loading because the server isn’t actually connecting to you to be all like “hey load this house yo”.

cant be down players are on and iwas playing like 10 minutes ago

Like I said, not sure how long ago it went down. It may have been 10 minutes ago. Or you could’ve been playing on a crashed server, it doesn’t notify you that it’s crashed. Just try to reload the page. Also it probably says the amount of players on during the crash.

Funny how i got proof you speedhacking. :v:

Yeah, sorry. Uhm, I didn’t see anything about my account speed hacking besides the name, and you should probably read my recent threads. /:

Oh Really?