house expolsion

this is just a test for a film im making.

what do you think? dose it need more ‘BANG!’ in it?

link to tank test.

Hey that wasn’t all that bad, Make the camera seem more like it’s getting affected with static and the like if you want a more cinematic view, make the shaky more to right when the explosion goes off.

yeah, i will get a better angle when i film.

Did you use Sony Vegas to do the shake? If so, you’re really great at pan 'n cropping :smiley:

no, i used serif movieplus X3.

good job, what bomb is that and are the parts of the house from hammer or props?

the bomb is actully a gun. its called cinimatic explosion, look it up on
the parts of the house are from hammer, its a custom map just for this film, but obviously its not finished yet.

yeah, thanks alot. I actually tried downloading V1 about a year ago, but it did not work. Hope V2 works out well for me because it looks so amazing.

Dose it cause any damage?

Ur welcome

No I don’t think it does

Put some shit inside the house to break to make debris come flying out.

I think its a very nice explosion and camera effect, just add more debris.

It needs smaller pieces of the house flying off instead of a few big chunks

Did you create the house or is it some sort of a physic maps you used to make the house’s wall break?

That was not bad at all. But i would be more cool with a bigger explosion.

i made the physics map, the house is apart of it.

Will you release that physic map?

ill release it when the film is finished.

what is the movie about?

its set in 1916, in the weastern front. its about a german soldiers experience there.
thats all im gonna say at the moment.
ill try to realse a preview, within the month. but its gonna take alot of work.
im tryin to do everything myself. maps, textures and maybe models.