house is completely gone but the server was down

server was getting ddos’s for most of my day, was in the process of making the 2nd story on my house when it started yesterday. now i get on today and everything is gone, storage boxes, furnace, sleeping bags, campfire, everything… I seriously doubt some1 used 30-50 explosives just to destroy what was left after they might have gotten in… and a lot of it was added yesterday so it wasn’t from decay, I’m going to guess it’s a bug that for some reason made my house and everything in/near it poof. Anyone know the reason?

DDOS doesn’t mean the server is down (as in powered off, offline), it was merely inaccessible. If the server is still running, decay will proceed as normal.

There also might’ve been rollbacks depending on the stability of the servers, unrelated to the DDOS, which would mean it’s like you never built it.

Eu central had a building wipe