House Lighting!!!

Right now the only possible source of lighting is building a campfire and flares are terrible. If most people are like me I spend most of my time at home at night trying to craft/organize things but its a pain in the but cause my home is so dark I can’t see where I am going unless I keep pulling my flashlight out. It would be awesome if you could place lights on your walls or ceiling and then craft a generator maybe that runs on low grade fuel! No wiring you’d have to do ideally but maybe make any light that is placed within a certain vicinity of a generator would powers. So maybe if you had an exceptionally large house you might need 2-3 generators running in order to power all the lights through out the house. It would be nice to not have to keep building 20 campfires throughout my home!

Why not just make a torch holder, they already have torches in game and they would not need to make a whole new line of items.

well I figured we have M4’s and Kevlar so why not be able to move beyond the cave man methods eventually…and torches only last 250 seconds as of now.

The generator idea is cool for raiding. Cut the power to the house you’re about to break into…that has potential

I’d like to see lanterns, you could craft them with 1 low quality metal, some clothes and low grade fuel.

To keep that “realistic” thing, you’ll have to add low grade fuel to keep the lantern burning, but it should burn really slowly, or it’ll be a pain in the ass to light everything each time. Maybe one low grade fuel could light the lantern for 3-4 Rust day.

I like the lantern idea or we can go with the lights and create solar powered panels that allow you to power whatever building it is built on. Then we can make super vehicles that are powered by these said panels along with laser beams and then we can put those laser beams on the top of bears so we have bears with freekin lasers on them. You know so we can move beyond the caveman methods like you said

I think unlike real life, you’d be able to keep a generator inside your house, if you can have a campfire and furnace spewing out smoke into your house, adding a generator throwing co2 around isn’t going to hurt.

Though, I would like to get some lighting in my house, would scare half the population away because they are scared to raid online people.

Or be a smart @$$ Night but uh…we are beating things with rocks, then a rock hammer, then a hatchet, then a pickaxe and then get M4’s/kevlar and so on, so its a little out of wack already and giving you the idea of becoming more technological as you progress so either keep that or not.

BUT, I like that lantern idea. That would be good but yes keep it using fuel really slowly.

Only thing is the fire makes lag, if the fire animation is moving all the time like what we have now.
Have you guys ever put 20+ campfire in a house before? usually takes 25fps out of your max frame rate.
If they implement the lighting in house, they need to make it just fixed lighting (no animation, occlusion) and limited number per room. Otherwise it’ll become lag fest. Almost impossible to raid nor defend since when u get close to the house, your fps becomes 10-20 at max.

If your fps (that is not “lag”) are dropping because you have a few campfires then that is your computers fault… you need better hardware.

I usually just use a camp fire while cooking food or a furnace while making Fragments and Sulfur. Night time is not a real issue inside the house for me. Also I don’t want to bring more attention to my house then the lights I am already using, generators will most likely be loud.

I don’t mind the implementation of the items but I see them as unnecessary.

Night time is hunting time, for people in houses with fires going!

It is like Shakespeare said it himself.

Read my post one more time, it never lags with few campfires.
Just put 20+ campfire in your house and then talk.
You’ll see how laggy it is. My hardware is perfectly fine.
And think about the bases around you do the same thing. It’ll just be lag fest.