House of Cards Project [GMOD - SFM]

I’ve started a project based on the Serie House of Cards on Netflix.

What will you see on this Topic?

  • Quotes of Kevin Spacey made in Garry’smod
  • Small Scenes of House of Cards serie remade in SFM With Lipsyncing (Still Learning)
  • Pictures of Kevin Spacey and look-a-likes like’s of House of Cards

Feel free to leave feedback, I put a lot of time into these.

*Thanks for visiting! remember i’m still learning Lighting, Animation’s ect! So don’t make you’re expectation’s high. I’m trying my best! *

Program’s used so far

  • Garry’smod
  • SFM (WIP)

It’s promising a lot.

Why did you use Tom Hammerschmidt as a stand in for Frank? At least go grab a ripped Spacey model from Advanced Warfare or something.

Trying my best! :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with porting it into SFM, GMOD If you know someone who does or ported one respond :slight_smile:

Why’s he grabbing his crotch?


“Meat tonight.” “Feed me.”

What’s the whole point of this? I mean, what’s the point of creating some “project” based on a couple of screenshots?

Tbh it should also be posted in the “WTPAPBDWTMAT” (seriously, we need some kind of a shortcut for this), since it’s not the top shelf of pictures as well.


don’t you tell us what to do, this isn’t Deviantart

what is this “project”? what is it about? yeah it’s based on the series alright, but is it like a fanfiction piece, a parody, or what?

I wouldn’t mind if your frequently “updated” crap didn’t push other threads (definitely more valuable) out of the first page, Dutchman. And the very liking of the show is such a sad excuse.

If this whole “project” is a comic, animation or a series of screens, why don’t you fucking finish it first, and then post it here?

Also, manners matter - even at Facepunch. So either lern them or GTFO.

Sincerely, Trek. [sp]It is quite gay to sign posts![/sp]

It’s like a parody in Garry’smod, SFM.

I’m loving this project making real scenario’s from House of Cards into SFM And pictures for Garry’smod, I’m not publishing already fully results because i want to show trailers and WIP Progress.

I love Facepunch but i say only to you to GFTO.

Wh-… First you don’t catch the ship joke, and then you go full retard - way to go.

Lmao, might as well call me a cracker.


Technically it’s not your idea though. You’re just using a different format to recreate someone else’s.


Update! Another picture release! I’m trying just some Frank Underwood Quotes :slight_smile:

I hope you guys like this one!

  • SFM Project 80% W.I.P

Pimmie, stop advertising your stuff everywhere. Just update the op, and let it be. And stop calling Trek “Polish Guy”, he has a username so say that instead.



But I guess you’ll just get butthurt and tell me how I’m ruining your precious project. When your ban is over, that is. Haha.

And I was planning on watching the show, but you successfully made me not.