House of Chaos TF2 Map In Source 2

This will a quick post but I’d like to say Hi again guys another map!

I remade / ported over most stuff from the map Mario_kart_deluxe_v2. Though it is not the version i wanted but the older versions are no where to be found sadly from back in 2011 or older. This is a map I loved for some reason a decade ago, that i use to play with friends all the time for over 1000 hours.

So I remade the best part about it in my opinion! So here is the video of the walkthrough of it!

Though its not perfect, theres some iffy places in it, GIF’s not working (I could fix it but not right now lol)

Audio is very messy, I legit don’t know how to do audio properly in Source 2 but the way I did it was through the soundsevent “.vsndevts” file, which took a lot of tinkering to even get it to the place i wanted it to be as sound / ambient entities did not work properly, it is still very messy but it works.

Not really going to carry on making this, I just wanted to bring a nostalgic map back into 2021! plus I wanted to learn more about porting over and I learnt a lot!

Map on the workshop, though not original but the only one I could find -

Hope one of you guys that remember this like it!



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A nice remake of a classic map.

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