HOUSE of NeckBeards |sleepers|admins|pvp|noobfriendly CA NEW SERVER UP!

hello I am Hosting a new VANILLA server out of Chicago . It is a hardcore server that is also noob friendly. If you like an adult atmosphere with friendly people come join in on the fun!

press F1 to open console and type net.connect

No modded bullshit with easy items


sleepers on

pvp on

item decay slowed a little

absolutely no admin abuse!

RULES: no cheating/exploiting no racism

Hey beerface,
Liking the concept and so far having fun with a clean slate. I do like the slow progression given no drops until 40 count but having a little trinket once in a while might not hurt. Don’t know if you have control over the loot in airdrops but keep the C4 down and the server should stay healthy and challenging. Just my two cents.
You did say hardcore, which is good.
See you on the wrong end of my barrel :wink:

glad to hear it! I was tryin to make it harder to get c4 by making so airdrops only occurred when there was a lot of people on. So it takes planing to take some ones base down and every one isnt running around with a shit ton of c4. On another note i was thinking of putting some plugins on the server like a chat history or something simple like that. If you have any suggestions about the c4 let me know


I agree with everyone not running around with a shit ton of C4. Glad you are using oxide as it seems to offer practical tools. In keeping with the spirit of being hardcore, the less plug-ins, the better, but if there is one for sending private tells, that is usually beneficial.
I’m watching the day night cycles as requested. I’ll give an opinion once I develop one.

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Just read you edited first post. Random drops every 1-3 hours sounds perfect to me.


I have opinions about day/night timings. I’ll tell you in game.
Pop is building slowly but surely btw.


Air drops? They seem to have stopped.

Hey dude! Sorry I haven’t been on this weekend, I have been out of town this weekend, airdrops should be active. Also I read the server logs and I read maybe some people’s stuff got wiped? Not sure but will be back tomorrow to fix what ever is messed up if anything p.s. turn on private messages on this site and I will give u my steam info so u can contact me

PM’s are on. Thanks


This is an amazing server that I have had the pleasure of playing on for the past week or so. The Admins are impeccable on this server. They even have an e-mail so you can e-mail any concerns you have and they get back to you as fast as they can. This server is so popular that sometimes its hard to get in because of the player cap!

This server had an amazing event the first day that I played here, and honestly, it was amazingly fun. There are many clans fighting and it makes the game intense. I haven’t had this much fun on a Rust server in a long time.

If you are looking for a new server that is rich with players, fan-base, and Admins that do truly care, this is the serer for you no question about it.


Fine Mac, I won’t do it.