House of RQ

I found building in Gmod the most fun part in the game.
I see myself as a advanced builder and enjoy new challenges.
This is my first upload, what do you think about it? If it gets positive response I will continue to upload adv_dup files made by me. I also accept challenges/requests

I usually play on RP servers, therefore I made a two story house /w furnitures. It uses a two-prop wall for realistic materialising. It contains a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a living-room.
Type:AdvDupe File
Creator:"[BSU] RQyksopp"
Description:“Made by RQyksopp”


The detail on some of it is okay, but…

Use less smartweld next time.

That’s not bad at all. I was somewhat reluctant to look at the photos at first since they were not media tagged, but you didn’t disappoint me. I get a “modern condo” vibe from the design which looks attractive. Next time try taking a picture on a RP map you would use it on instead of on the ol’ so plain flatgrass.

Cool houce.

“I was somewhat reluctant to look at the photos at first since they were not media tagged”

Sorry, what do you mean by that phrase?
It’s not my best work, but. I use this as an example to show my “skills” in easy-precision/stacker and materialising. And not use of props/creativity.

I’ll media tag these for you.

Instead of having the links to click on, just add

before the link, then end it with

so that way we don’t have to navigate away from the page and everything moves faster and easier for your viewers. Hope that helps.

Oh, you could have just said that. The reason why I didn’t do that is because I thought the pictures would become too big, therefore. Annoying. But, if people don’t mind. I’ll do this in the future.

eh? 109 entities but 621 constraints? how does that work? smartweld?

Pretty cool house in my opinion. I think you would get more artistic ratings if you thumbnailed your pictures.

You didn’t :V

Anyway, pretty nice for a phx house.