House of the dead models

Can I please have some Sega House Of The Dead models??? I am getting the ref pics so bear with me.

No, you can’t. :v:

In all seriousness though, you should include reference pictures relating to what models you are wanting, instead of just saying:

You should remember this for any future requests.

I am getting the reference pics from the game and I am not finished yet so give me time first ok?

any house of the dead fans out there will know what im talking about

Forget House of the Dead 1, if someone can rip the models from The Return of House of the Dead 2 & 3" from the Wii version of the game then I’d be happy. Especially The Wheel of Fate from 3.

Oh yeah here’s the cover

i really would like the 1st after i get those i will need 2 & 3 maybe 4

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Just as I said i would like the models from 1 then 2 3 4 and overkill (After 1!!!)

How about also Zobio and Zobiko, the only two characters I like from that game?

don’t forget Lisa Rogan from HOTD 3. she’s hot.

great we need someone to gather the models from 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 special, Overkill, and EX ALL OF THEM!!! into a megapack and release it to the public


Yeah not gonna happen.

Do you even realize how long that would take? If someone decides to actually rip every model from each game, they will also have to make sure there isn’t any issues with each model. On top of that, if there ARE any issues with the models they would have to fix them, if not find someone else to help them fix the models. You might as well wait for the next Duke Nukem game while you’re at it.

Like ShowMeYaMoves said, that’s not gonna happen.

fine only the 1st one

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for all ref pics from 1 go here this is my video

This isn’t as simple a process as you seem to think it is, it’s a lot of work.

I don’t know who is worse when it comes to requesting things, this guy or trainguy. They both just don’t get it.

Going to shoot all of your theories down. I tried extracting the models from both HOTD Overkill and HOTD 2+3 return and the file formats are different to the standard nintendo .BRRES format and are Sega’s own file format(its also the case with Dead Space: Extraction Minus that not being made by sega) So any ideas about extracting them from those games is impossible unless someone wants to learn to hack the file format. Now as far as i’m aware there is a PC port of 3 right? So grabbing those models is easy hope this helps.

If the process is not simple, how come some models are done quicker then others?

Now all I need is someone who is willing to rip models from the first game on saturn. Now who’s with me?

No one.

Then how about Zobio and Zobiko, eh?

Because some models are able to retain their skeletons and aren’t bugged all to hell with missing faces or strange proportions, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a simple process to do.