House Ownership and Build permissions

Hi, i know you are working on the doors to make it possible to open and close them by different people. It would also be great, if you make houses build permissions!!!

The Builder of the house (first one who is setting up a campfire, or builds the first door) can activate Friends that are allowed to build on his Foundations and who is able to Open Doors.
This Option should be reachable only from a campfire in the house or a Special Ownership Stone that is place somewhere in the house.

There are also a lot of new Rules necessary for Building -
1-2 Square next to your foundation should be part of the house(2 for wood, 4 for Metal) to prevent building from Griefers.
Only a Building with at least one Door, and surroundet by Walls/Doors/Windows should be a house with ownership. Simple Foundations are not counting (simple building foundations around your house dont enhance the protection area).
We need other Windows or some Kind of “door” to it, that is not possible to climb throug them if they are closed.

Hi, good idea I thought too, and I thought it faudrais protect the chests with a password or only the person who placed could be accessed, because whenever we disconnecter, you’re dead and we are safe pedestrian.

I would love to be able to make windows to snap into window frames like doors.
As far as the campfire thing I believe it would be too simplistic.
I have a couple of ideas that might add to the game as far as raiding and stave off some of the griefing.
Here’s an outline of what I’d like to see:


Sleeping and claiming ownership of your base
Limited sleeper Storage
Foundation size, somewhat safe, able to be destroyed

Blue Print
Known from birth

Time: 5 minutes
Requires: 250 stones, 38 low quality metal, 38 wood planks, 400 metal fragments, 1 pick-axe, and a workbench
Stacks of 1

Converts existing wood or metal foundation to a Bunker
Claims all connecting foundations, pillars, walls, windows, ceilings, stairs, and ramps as property of that player(does not claim doors/doorways)
Allows owner to easily remove owned property
Doors and doorways are owned by the player who placed the door.
Doors/doorways can be easily removed if that player has access to the door
As a raider you can still destroy everything you can destroy now

Only 1 Bunker per base/connecting foundations
Only able to be slept in once every 24 to 36 hours
Only able to be slept in if the player is at 100 health and property hasn’t taken damage from other players for 10 minutes(or some other mechanic that only allows a player to use it as a sleeper during peace time)
Restricts raiders from adding foundations, pillars, walls, windows, ceilings, stairs, and ramps on to property(doors can still be placed in empty doorways)
Owner can not remove an item that another building structure is depending on(ie. foundations with pillars, pillars with ceilings, ceilings with stairs, doorways with doors)
Owner must have a duplicate item to remove an existing one or some other mechanic that requires building materials and time
*Possibly a 3 or 5 Bunker limit per player

Brings up storage with labeled slots for:
MP5, Side Arm, or hunting bow plus 1 stack of associated ammo
M4 plus 1 stack of 556 ammo
1 stack of grenades
2 Gathering tools
1 stack of bandages or med-kits
1 stack of food
Sleeping bag
1 stack of torches
Head, chest, legs, and boots
2 explosive charges
1 metal or wood door
1 metal or wood doorway
3 metal or wood walls

Disconnects player from the server
Leaves remaining gear in a loot backpack

Requires 25 explosive charges to be detonated on the top surface
Removes property claim and building restrictions on all connecting foundations, pillars, walls, ceilings, stairs, and ramps
Has no affect on doors or doorways
Does not destroy existing foundation
Kills the player inside leaving loot crate
Once a bunker is destroyed that base can not be reclaimed for several hours(possible 4?)

Timer: 7 Days (separate timer from property decay)
Renewed upon use
Player dies after decay timer expires and loses claim to property
Gear from the bunker remains on the foundation in a loot crate until the foundation decays completely

3 Story Ladder

Raiding/escaping/building tool

Blue Print

Timer: 1 minutes
Requires: 12 wood planks, 40 metal fragments, workbench
Stacks of 1

Placing and Interacting
Can be stacked on top of each other like pillars
Cannot place on grass, dirt, or rocks
Can be placed on the very top of pillars or a series of pillars
Must connect directly to foundation or connect to a series of ladders/pillars that connects to a foundation
Can be placed back on action bar by facing and holding E for 20 seconds
Player moves at walking speed while climbing
Players fall if the ladder is destroyed

Cannot store in inventory
Must carry on action bar(so only 1 per person at a time)
Must stop climbing to fire weapons, place explosive charges, build, or loot

10 Pick-axe strikes
x shots with a firearm
Explosive charge/grenade

Timer: 4 hours

First off let me say that I’m not 100% sure about the sleeper option of this idea but as long as you can spawn at your bunker once every so often (a lot longer cool down than sleeping bags) than the sleeper option can be ditched and the bunker can be used as a storage with item specific storage slots.

Second, with the bunker if someone wants to grief, by all means spend the time and resources to destroy your walls, doors, bunker, and anything else you design to do so. It will also add value to establishing a metal base since bunkers will always be on the bottom floor of your house and wood walls are so easily raided.

Third, ladders will make using stairs and foundations to breach someones base not needed anymore, giving raiders the option to blow an entrance into a base where ever they like. However, since they can only carry one at a time it will promote team work and give advantage to those who chose not to play alone. It would still make any base available to solo players, just with greater effort(multiple runs to transport ladders to a temporary storage near the target base).

Let me know what you guys think and sorry if i kinda hijacked your thread but it seemed to fit.

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I guess you could just make a workbench to create more ladders but it would leave you vulnerable while doing so and give a player time to react while you craft.