House Ownership Comment On Trello From Patrick

“If its temporary, wouldn’t it be easier to just let people remove their own recently placed items instantly? Regardless if they own the house or not.”

IMO…no. If you allow this, then people will build a set of foundations, pillars, and stairs and use the same set to raid all the bases on a server. They’ll deploy, raid, take down, move on, rinse and repeat. This would be a terrible implementation IMO.

Just my 2 cents.

I dont think he is saying that you would get the items back once “removed”. These items would be destroyed when removed.

We don’t use it anymore cos we’re back to vanilla on our server but when we ran oxide the remove tool worked perfectly.

You could remove items placed on your own foundation (as long as the first one was placed by you).
This meant that you can expand and change your base.
You could build a staircase on someone’s base but u couldn’t take it down.
If anyone did that to you or blocked your doors in, you could take it down.

I’d like to see something like that in the future. Worked great when we had it and it’s the one thing we all miss the most.

Yeah really the only thing I’m looking for is

  1. misplaced pillar (rubberbanded, hiccuped and now my work is useless)
  2. being able to take out a ceiling etc. to expand my house as I progress. Right now it involves building a whole other house instead, which means a looottt of empty useless houses on the server.

I have seen a few problems with this or similar mods. A few that come to mind:

  1. You now can build floating bases (destroy the pillars and stairs to your top floor so the only way in is die)
  2. You can too easily stop raiders. I know it sucks when people start building crap on your base to try and raid it, but the game needs that. You could just snipe the raider’s stairs and pillars as they are trying to climb up to get you.

Not saying this mod is dumb or anything, it also has really great aspects as you outlined above, but as is, its not a good enough system

As long as that’s the case I withdraw my comment. For the long run I’d like to be able to get something back if I miss-clicked or dropped a foundation in the wrong spot on accident but if not, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll be thankful I can remove it.

I do completely agree with you. If I had to say anything though, I would point out that 99.9% of raiding is when you are offline (sadly). So that countering raiders in the act point is true, but would be so rare at the moment at least.

You could also build doorless base with this mod… just remove the wall to enter and replace it after ;-/

I’m guessing there will be a cool down on it, so after X minutes you can no longer remove something but it’s all speculation at this point.

Yeah admittedly a few things would need to change if it were implemented into the game. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s the best think I’ve used so far.

We never made floating bases cos for a start … They looked stupid :stuck_out_tongue: But if they give items weight then if u tried to make u base float, it would collapse. The raiding thing again is a good point. Maybe they could make it takes several seconds to take a piece down and you couldn’t remove anything that was supporting the weight of things above it (in other words u gotta remove from top down).

Ya removing items from top down would be needed for sure.
Good points guys, the devs sure have a lot of work and thinking to do on this one. It will likely be pretty complicated so that it cannot be abused.

I think that’s what Patrick is getting at on the trello. Why not just give people a few seconds to removed recently placed items in the event of a mistake. Only problem with this is that it doesnt help us expand our base (like take a ceiling out to expand up) but it would be a simple solution with little exploitation that would help us with those frustrating misplaced pillars!

That would definitely be a fine band-aid in my opinion. Still would like to be able to expand base later on once they figure out how to implement it. Because yeah I wouldn’t want a door-less base and just be able to come and go through walls.

Just off the top of my head: What about a special item, Sledge Hammer, that would cost X amount to craft, and would allow you to destroy one of your (only your object placed only on your foundation) placed structures? It would be consumed on use. It could be expensive enough to not make it viable/worth it to do a door less base (and have to use one every time you came home) but would be useful for that ONE or two times that you are expanding your house?


edit: I may have stumbled onto something. Maybe I will /thread this idea of mine.

Sledgehammer idea sounds great :slight_smile: and destroy on use is a definite. It shouldn’t be designed to remodel you whole base. Just to take one that one thing you misplaced or wall/ceiling to expand.

Without really thinking it through, I think this is an awesome idea! This along with the “band-aid” solution outlined by Patrick on the trello would be simple and effective!

To counter the floating bases issue with the remove tool they could implement a structural hierarchy like you suggested in the second part of your post but without the need for a complex system for toppling stuctures. Though Rust Jenga does sound like fun :wink:

For example: to remove a foundation you have to remove all attached pillars, to remove pillars you have to remove all attached ceilings.

Yes probably a good idea, I would like to see more opinions on this. You should make a note of Patrick’s proposal in your thread and maybe link this discussion.

edit: Honestly with this new sledge hammer idea we wouldn’t even need Patrick’s solution to remove things (that would be free anyway, rust is not a forgiving game so that donsnt really fit haha).

You mess up a pillar placement and now you gotta go farm your self the resources to make a sledge hammer. Sounds like a decent system.

Yeah that’s pretty much what I meant by the 2nd part. You could still take our pretty much any wall but you couldn’t do pillars unless there are no walls, ceilings or other pillars above it.

The remove tool mod on the server I am currently playing on gives a % of the raw materials back - eg removing a metal door gives you 40 metal fragments back. This allows you to remodel a base but attaches a cost so you do need to properly consider what you are doing when building

That’s quite cool actually.