House Ownership Pros and Cons

So, after having a little think about how awesome this feature will be once it’s implemented - Removing those pesky misplaced pillars or an odd wall so you can expand your house, I wanted to make a list of all the pros and cons of it.

A main concern for me with this ability, is in regards to stair-building next to a players house to gain entry to an upper floor without using C4.
I would see this as a con if say, I can build a stairway, invade a house and simply delete my method of entry on my way out.
Or on the other hand, not being able to remove a stairway placed next to my house because it isn’t owned by me.


Yeah make it so that other people can build lets say 5 foundations away from your house.

That would be a nice update so you can build some sort of big tower building in the open without getting raided by people who build just stairs.

I have read someting about this before on this forum, someone even got a link to garry who said something about this aspect (correct me if im wrong).

But a con here is, what if you want to build a somesort of city with friends you cant build closer than 5 squares to each other? that would be a big mistake of the devs.

So they need to figure something out that we cant build stairs to other houses but friends can build together.:smile:

I’ve just invented something that really solves this problem. It a temporary, portable staircase consisting of two uprights, and a larger number of cross-pieces. I call it a “ladder”.

Becasue the “ladder” is temporary, it would allow the crafty burglar access to higher floors, and he could even take it with him when he left.

You also could use it to wash the windows and/or polish the bars!

Well then… You just blew my entire problem out the water.

Now if only they would implement your invention, it’d make much more sense than placing a rather permanent staircase.

The ladder is a good idea, but i think of barbed wire on the walls so you cant build ladders there.

Thats a counter to defend against ladders.

There should always be a way to get to the top of someones base because that is just realistic. Only way to stop it is to shoot someone. Traps etc. will of course make defense easier when they add those in the future

What is not realistic is not being able to move pillars or destroy ceilings. That is the problem that needs to be fixed.