House 'ownership' so you can easily destroy misplaced objects

Im very happy with this! Tired of people claming house griefing is a part of pvp.

tbh this is the only thing i really wanted to see happen, anything else is a bonus.

I sometimes get people putting ceilings where i had put stairs to ruin complete sections. lately ive started getting people blowing up a wall and placing a pillar so that i cant rebuild the wall…

Thers some more game improvements listed on trello too!

Nice one.

I’ve missplaced so many objects, and it doesnt help some of them you can’t destroy. e.g Wooden Doorways… I placed one accidently and it ruined my whole house, i had to barricade the whole so nobody could get in!

maybe “unbuild” option can help.
Because when you start playing the game you build a little house because you don t have a lot of ressources. But later you want expend it and you can’t.
For exemple: i did a little house for begining and now i want more level (floor) and i can t do it because i can t destroy my ceiling