House prop?

Is there a house prop on or could someone make one? I’m planning to do a Gmod Machinima based on the movie UP and I would like to have a house prop that I could lift with balloons.

i even know what machinima is it going to be like…

use easy precision and many props.
make a house,then parent link all props to one.

Honestly. I’m not too good at building, and I would never find all the right props to build something like these-

I’m looking for an extremely normal looking suburban house.

If you’re looking for a house prop that has an inside then good luck with that.
There are no compilers that will handle complex collision models.

You’re better off just building it with separate props.

Not completely impossible, just very hard to do.

(PHX Bunker in misc’ props.)

I’d settle with a house prop with just an exterior, I can always find other ways of doing the interior scenes.

here you can find a prophouse

Simple, but I guess it will do. Thanks for finding it.
If anyone can make an adv dupe of a better house I’ll give them an honorable mention and let them in on the project.