House Protection Plea

The second biggest issues that I have with legacy Rust and the vision of Rust in the future is the security of your home.

This is one of the things that the vision in legacy Rust did well in my opinion. Bear with me as this argument is based on the idea that if the legacy build wasn’t abandoned, the developers would have eliminated the bugs that circumvented how raiding should have worked. Building a fortified structure in legacy Rust felt like you were doing exactly that. Building a massive structure with metal doors and barred windows took a lot of time, cooperation and resources. At the end of that process you had a structure that you could feel relatively safe to store supplies and log off inside of. The system was far from perfect as C4 was pretty easy to craft and skewed the balance of time required in favor of raiders over builders. Much of this was adjusted with mods, many of which took it too far in the opposite direction. The trick is balancing the effort required to build something with the effort needed to destroy something. Exp rust allowing players the ability to break down advanced buildings with melee tools/weapons is taking this in the wrong direction. Yes, bashing down a wooden wall with a pickaxe is realistic, but it isn’t realistic for people inside the building to not wake up and arm themselves to fight back. The focus should be on fair play and player enjoyment over fake realism.

The last point brings me to griefing. For the love of god, figure out a system to prevent house griefing. Allowing someone to erect a foundation, 4 walls, a ceiling, and a metal door in under 10 seconds *“realism” is annoying. This, like many of the raiding bugs, led to ridiculous precautions needed when constructing your house. Pretty much every populated modded legacy server adopted rules against this and/or ran foundation ownership mods. Listen to your customers. Maybe make a no-build area the size of 1-2 foundations around a player’s foundation, anything.

I loved designing and building a base, but I loved raiding other people’s bases more. Collecting the materials with friends for a few days to build up enough C4 to go destroy a rival group’s 15 story, 50+ door base felt fair given it probably took us as much or more time to gather the resources to raid it as it took them to build it. I’m just hoping that the devs will tone down the “realism” and balance some sound building/raiding mechanics so that the community doesn’t have to go out of its way to do it themselves again.

I agree

I imagine if you get 5+ people together with pickaxes, nobodies base is safe if this system stays.

Also i dont like the upgrade times, i dont want to sit there for 2 minutes on each wall

sucks to whack walls for 30+ minutes straight especially depending on the size of ur base