House repair question

Can anyone explain the house repair thing and how often I need to repair doors, and If I have to go around the whole house and repair or does repairing a wall repair the whole house?

I would also like to know why my inside door didnt need repair but my outside door needed repairs?

From what I know from looking at the wiki you have to have the item on your hotbar and press that key when looking at the object needing repair.

So you would walk right up to your wooden wall and hit 5. The number 5 on your hotbar would be wooden planks. You cannot equip materials so just hitting the number should do.

Also from what I have read on the wiki is that structures decay from the top down. So if you have a 2 story building it will decay the 2nd floor first. However structures that don’t require foundations will decay regardless of their position in the house (including doors).

A lot of the things I have read from the wiki have been wrong though as many changes have come to this game.

Your outside door may have been damaged by melee or explosives.

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