House scanner

Im trying to make a scanner.Lets say person A has a house with printers and when i scan the house with my scanner it should wanted the player for having illegals.I dont want to be spoonfed i just want to learn the basic concept.

This isn’t basic, this’ll be hard for newbies.

Couldn’t he just do an eyetrace to find some sort of ‘printer’ entity? That’s basic, right?

Depends on what he really wants, he might want the house perimeter scanned, which would require knowing the size of the house etc.

He might want a scanner that scans within a radius of him.

yeah thats what i want.Not the size of the house just the radius i am looking and using my swep at.

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But eyetrace returns what you are looking at,wouldnt it just say worldspawn when i scan?

These will help:

Choose which ever suits you best.

Okay thanks !