House traps. It´s necesary to upgrade the survival gameplay.

I write this topic in the hope that it serves to put some emphasis in this branch of the game.

I am a solo player, I enjoy Rust (over 200 hours already behind) but I’m beginning to see an evolution that forces join a clan and hit shots to get fully enjoy the game. I will not insist on the category PVE but I think the game would gain a lot if you start working on traps rather than walls. I think even fans raiding houses would be very fun and challenging to have to enter an unfamiliar place and look everywhere to not end up dead. I know you are preparing turrets, but also traps other kind of traps for bears would be great. A rope on the floor to lift a blade or drop behind the framework, the possibility of putting doors that seem walls to create secret rooms, even stepping on something concrete sound alarms … I know there are mines and beard traps, but it seems He has not been reworked in this branch and can get really interesting stuff when you sleep to feel equally protected. In real to feel attacked at home you wake up and defended, as in a game that can not happen life, I think tools provide passive defense would do much to not be so unprotected. Especially when you’re outnumbered. Because sometimes it seems that wins the most rounds and co have, and I think to create a fortress that is a challenge beyond the structure would be wonderful.

Of course, I do not say that the named traps are laid, the turrets seems to me an interesting idea for the outside that would be appreciated, but the interior would be logical that had anything more than what already exists, not something you see with the naked eye you have to look to clear. A couple of variations, or even stepping on soil that break and fall to a lower level (where someone may have placed mines or spikes). I think things like that are easy to include and grateful for a most unexpected and enjoyable gameplay.

I hope arises include something. The more passive and solitary players build and defend centered would appreciate it deeply. After all, defend trapping it is also part of survival. Please.

Thank you for reading.

Sorry for my bad bad bad bad english.

EDIT: Blueprint theme.

Ah, it is currently impossible to get blueprints in Amsterdam II server. The radtowns are occupied by players with guns all the time. It would be good to get blueprints otherwise, or at least relocating barrels outside those areas for players who do not have many weapons or many colleagues can get blueprints. Not saying it’s easy for a solo player or a group of two or three players … but they have a chance to move forward although more slowly. Otherwise, the game is broken.

The barrels are placed only temporary but radtowns cause an imbalance unusual. Yes, with desk research they can be achieved, but with no lag server that is impossible for a player to win a spear or bow one with a firearm. Especially when the second metal is protected by the radtowns stay. It is necessary to find a solution, albeit temporary. At least, I think so.

I agree, we need more in-house traps. An idea I had a while ago was a fake ceiling, essentially a flooring tile with spikes on the bottom that is triggered and falls when there is movement under it.

I wouldn’t want traps to be taken to far.

I like the false floor, drop in the spikes idea.

Being able to rig a gun/c4 to a door opening (i.e pretend you forgot to lock it) would be great.

Also the use of c4, i.e on a wired trigger for live raids would be fantastic.

Aside from that keep it simples.

This would be great. Make a new type of floor - a fake floor that looks like stone. So you can make some floors in your base be traps. Players walking on them will fall through, and maybe fall on the barricades or spikes in the room below. This actually seems pretty easy to add to the game.

I totally agree also, I found myself joining a Clan to get further into the game. Loved the ideas. :slight_smile:

Well turrets are coming, they’re not traps but it’s a start!

I get pretty far on bear traps alone but we definitely need an increase in variety.

Home defenses and traps have been planned and appearing in concept art for over a year. Just hold on and be patient and the devs will work through their priority list until they get there.