HouseBale - WIP

This is my first map that i share with a forum.
I would like to see some comments on it!

Should i add some cliffs to it so it would
look like a trapped house in the mountains?

Here are some screenshots

Looks nice, actually. The outside is a bit bland though.

Have an arteh.

Textures need some major help.
Wood textures are unaligned and the wrong way
Shadows are a bit weird, so is the lighting.

Definitely do something with the outside, like cliffs, but for now you need some more brush work definition to your map. Start off with frames, for example, around the stairs in the house.
Have a friendly.

For some reason, it reminds me of that house in UP.

I suggest cliffs.

Change the big pyramids in the attic.
The industrial lamp doesn’t look right in an attic.

With some better texture placement, and some other stuff mentioned above, this can turn out quite well.
Tip: Look at pictures of real buildings as reference. It really helps if you want a realistic map.

It’s pretty good if I say so myself. However, the thing that’s the most in dire need of change is the attic. It looks pretty awful. The light doesn’t fit, and the ceiling of it is just really a mess. I’d change that if I were you.

I think the lighting needs to match the skybox more. You don’t get orange light on a day with blue skies. Other than that, just a bit of topping up and it would be quite good.

I will change the industrial light but for the pyramids that’s how the roof is made so i cant change it.

I changed the lighting thanks.

I will try to change the textures.
And I’m gonna add cliffs and some EP2 trees!
Hopefully I’ll finish the map and post some screens.

Make the light_env use this color.

235 222 177 600 - Brightness

75 92 118 400 - Ambient

That should then look right! (at least the sky should)
Fix the textures.

And maybe add a 3D skybox?

It looks like you have hammer figured out pretty well, nice work! but try to use less “Func_breakable_surf” entities, use them on more modern office like windows instead of small wooden ones. It looks a little unnatural. Other than that you have a great start!


Oh,btw. use the “hav” skybox if you want to keep your sunset lighting color ;D

The walls inside the house look almost too clean compared to the rest of it, I suggest changing those.

Or, change the rest of the textures to be as clean as the walls. Lets just say they seem to standout to much.