Houses In Rust

Hi, I’d like to ask all of those people who have a Play Rust account, or have played it a question. How are the houses in this game?

Houses are one of the things I am the MOST excited for. I have heard rumors that you can break into houses (By glitching) And I would like to know how fun/bad they are.


Glitching is bad…very bad.

From what I have heard/seen, they are cool to play with but obviously Rust is in VERY early stages and there are still glitches to be fixed. But all of these glitches are to be expected and i’m sure the devs will fix them.

The houses are such a unique feature to zombie-survival games so there are many things that have to be thought of to prevent glitches in the future.

I can’t wait to have a chance at playing this game! :smiley:

Yeah, i hope i get an early chance too!

You need a lot of shit to build something decent unless you just craft the “Shelter” with 50 wood and a door. Even with that as your house(it’s pretty much seemless)there’s a gap between the door and one of the walls. Not sure if you can throw a sleeping bag in through it or anything, but it looks large enough to.

You can’t, when modelling objects you make Physic Meshes around the object so you can’t go through them or put things through them. They act as barriers so that would stop the easy glitching for the most part and falling through the world level.

The physics mesh doesn’t have to be a solid bounding box around the object, although that would make it a very inexpensive model. It could be a perfect match for the mesh so holes in the model may not be solid.

You can but you shouldn’t, it should be a little bit bigger. I played Rust and I’ve seen the Meshes around wooden Shelters, barricades etc and they are all bigger than the actual model.

So does anyone find it easy to get a "decent’ house setup?

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Go watch some players who are streaming the game or youtube videos if you want to know the in-depth details about the game.

Building a house is not hard at all. You just gather wood resources (5 pickaxe hits = 100 wood), and turn them into walls/foundations/doors etc…

Problem is staying alive with your wood, and not having your house raided while your building. This is where gun-skill and teamwork come into play. Have friends to help you kill off any other players in your area, and avoid dying 2x in a row (5 min respawn)

If you do those things, building any sized house is easy.

I want to get some fresh answers

Well uh, I have a shack with a couple of barriers around it.
Took like 150 or so wood+20 cloth for the sleeping bag to set respawn point…

Okay, When/If i get to play the game, ill see what I can do. :smiley:

There are little piles of wood that spawn, so just take like, two-three and you can do pretty much what I did.

From what I’ve seen and hear about housing, it’s only as useful as your imagination is.