Houses randomly getting destroyed without raiding?

Hey maybe this has already been discussed, but id like to get some feedback on this. I recently moved servers and had to start from square one. I had 2 well hidden shelters next to eachother, one for sleeping and camp fire, and the other for storage and crafting. Today when i logged on i was naked and in the woods without any items save the spawned ones. I made it to my shelters expected them to be raided. My sleep shelter was gone completly and my crafting still there. Im thinking to myself this couldnt be a raid because only the shelter without the valubles was gone. My question is, has this happened to anyone else, and if so is it caused by the DDOS attacks?

Caused by the DDoS attacks? No.

If it was the basic wooden shelter it probably decayed, I think they only last 12 hrs then start decaying. Not sure how long after the 12 hrs before the structure is completely gone.

Lol, i actually did not know decaying existed. Thank you for the feedback, it explains alot.